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Our Latest Reviews

Awynn416 4 months ago

Baked Lobster Mac & Cheese

Absolutely Love Love Love the Lobster Mac & Cheese I get it every time I'm there

Sublama84 4 months ago

Lobster Boil

it was very good

Guest 4 months ago

Pan Seared Scallops

Scallops done to perfection, most creamy risotto melts in your mouth.

Danquintero17 5 months ago

Pepper Seared Tuna

The Pepper Seared Tuna is my favorite dish. The tuna is always fresh and served over a bed of rice. I always make it a point of bringing my friends from out of town to Reel just for that!

Rachellynn386 5 months ago

BBQ Grilled Shrimp

The Dish was incredibly fresh and cooked to perfection. I love that there is so much variety even during lunch hours. I would definitely return.

Lurasierra 5 months ago

Jerk Grilled Salmon

Incredible service! The waitress was knowledgeable, kind, attentive and fun! The food was delicious! Our table shared the calamari and the spinach crab dip for appetizers. I recommend both, our entire table enjoyed them. My dinner- jerk grilled salmon was amazing. Cooked perfectly and the mango relish was the perfect addition. We had the bourbon breadpudding for dessert and that was amazing! I highly recommend visiting Reel!!

Stannenbaum18 5 months ago

Jerk Grilled Salmon

EXCELLENT! It was cooked perfectly with just a little kick

Cgburks 5 months ago

Grilled Salmon

Brought my customers down from Canton for lunch. We had a great experience. Excellent food and service. Very reasonable prices. All said they would bring their spouses back for a date night.! Thanks.

Bobwysocki64 5 months ago

LA. BBQ Shrimp

Had BBQ shrimp as appetizer which was good but the blackened grouper special was unbelievably excellent! Everything about the meal was awesome

Tim 6 months ago

Papardelle Pasta

My wife and I took advantage of Reel's early dinner specials. Great menu selection at reduced prices. We took the opportunity to try a few new items - Pappardelle Pasta and BBQ Shrimp. Both items, as well as our server - Monique - were awesome.

Johnkraftga 6 months ago

Buttermilk Fried Chicken and Belgian Waffle

Our first visit, we did Sunday Brunch, which is a special menu. Kendall, our delightful server said she loved the chicken & waffles, which I was already considering. It was very good and is actual fried chicken, not just chicken tenders. The waffle was cooked well too. Wife got the white sangria and I got the red - both were very good.

Sherrie 6 months ago

Au Poivre New York Strip

I dined at Reel Thursday August 29th. My server was Teresa and she was nothing short of a amazing and so gracious and sweet. I had one of your specials, the blackened tenderloin and scallops if I remember. The scallops were perfection! The steak was too and I'm super picky about both. I've been here twice now. This restaurant is a real gem. I love the environment. Service. Food and prices. The pricing here is perfectly in line with the quality and service.

David 6 months ago

Logan Turnpike Shrimp N Grits

Love this dish! The grits aren't an afterthought, they're an integral part of the dish. Well seasoned shrimp seared just right, with enough andouille sausage to balance the dish.

Sherrie 6 months ago

Blackened Beef Tenderlion and Lousiana BBQ Shrimp

I came in on Monday, August 26th. I almost went to Roswell, looking to just try something somewhere else. I was craving seafood, but I also wanted more casual yet with a touch of class. Ive dined at Reel once before, and remembered being able to relax in their establishment and really liking the calamari. Tonight I had the extreme pleasure of having Teresa as my server. I was surprised to find she was actually from Detroit, because she dripped with a sweet southern charm I was sure she was born and raised in the South. She was just incredibly sweet and endearing. Sincere hospitality and service. I of course got the calamari again. Sold instantly on the special of blackened tenderloin and scallops. Perfection on texture, flavor, and portion size. The sauteed spinach and shitake mushrooms were just right as well. $45 tab was definitely not too much for such a wonderful dining experience. I will be back and I will make sure Teresa is my server. Well done Reel!

Mj 6 months ago

Blackberry Harvest

I'm gonna be reel, I don't really like alcohol but who doesn't love to sit and have some drinks with their friends?? There is always a struggle with me finding something I can sit and enjoy, but my search has ended. This drink is absolutely amazing. Just enough of everything! Our server, Daniel, was killer! I had the scallops for dinner and I highly recommend those as well. Great experience dining here!

Schwaja3 6 months ago

Pan Seared Scallops

The best scallops we've had. Great taste, just melted in my mouth.

Marshasellshomes 6 months ago

Sweet Chili Glazed Swordfish

Anything you have at Reel is Divine. The swordfish makes the angels sing....

Cobidowski 7 months ago

Lobster Boil

We were thrilled to get reservations the night of a big outdoor concert (most restaurants in Woodstock do not accept reservations.) When we arrived people were packed out the door. Yet we were promptly seated at our table for 6. Prices are reasonable and the food selection has something for everyone (we had a non-seafood eating person in our group.) Everyone loved their meal, from the lobster boil, the scallops, the shrimp and grits, to the burger. He said it was the best burger. If it was that good on a super crowded night any night would be great! We will be back again. Thank you.

Blessed1saved 7 months ago

Lobster Boil

Wow is all I can say, this dish was amazing along with the mussels appetizer! First visit and it will def be a staple in my future trips to Atlanta!

J 7 months ago

Logan Turnpike Shrimp N Grits

First time eating here ..Restaurant has a nice atmosphere. Hostess greeted us kindly & showed us about the 1/ 2 apps The Shrimp and Grits was an exellent choice. Very light dish but filling dish w/a very flavorful house cream sauce . Service was excellant! Aaron was very polite & helpful with our questions.

Vfields1999 4 months ago

Shrimp Tagliatelle

Absolutely delicious 😋

Adoggie722 4 months ago

Chicken Fingers and Fries

The food was amazing, the time it took for the food to come was great in fact I barely had to wait. Reel is a great restaurant and the work ethic the employees put in is magnificent. Truly a wonderful experience and is a blessing to the citizens of Woodstock.

Ansleypowers 4 months ago

Chargrilled Marinated Flank Steak

I don't like seafood and Reel is my favorite restaurant in Downtown Woodstock!! The flank steak is always delicious, the chicken dishes are awesome, and I love the green beans, brussels , and mashed potatoes!!! The salad with macadamias on it is incredible too! So for a non seafood eater, this place is fantastic! And I hear the seafood is excellent, too!

Tina 5 months ago

Tempura Fried Lobster Tail

an excellent add-on to any dish!

Holly 5 months ago

Steak n' Eggs

The food and the Service was top notch! Theresa was awesome and took great care of us. Meeting and spending a few minutes with Karen topped off our day! Karen is such a delight and definitely added to a great experience.

Jenmatte 5 months ago

Tuna Tartar

Amazingly crispy chips accompanying a delicately spiced blend of fresh tuna- enjoyed every bite

Twinters56 5 months ago

Pan Seared Scallops

It was amazing. Love the new risotto.

Justeve2 5 months ago

Grilled Mahi Mahi

Just a great place to eat. Excellent service and food with very reasonable prices. Great for family or in my case a great place to take customers. Highly recommended

Kliclift 5 months ago

Tempura Fried Lobster Tail

This dish is a premium seafood staple in the South to me, and Reel Seafood's chefs did not disappoint. The crispy, flaky tempura gave way to sweet, perfectly cooked lobster tail. The honey mustard was lightly sweet and savory, it melted in our mouths! Thanks Reel Seafood for an excellent meal for me and my brother and sister-in-law (locals). From a native Mainer and seafood industry veteran, it's the best seafood in Atlanta. Kerry, Portsmouth, NH

Markmcl8888 6 months ago

Pepper Seared Tuna

Fantastic meal. I don't know if I've had a better tuna dish anywhere l, ever. Dinner is always great and the daily specials are good as well. I really enjoy lunch here with a lobster roll and the clam chowder is the best around. No need to drive anywhere else for great seafood !

Egash76 6 months ago

Jerk Grilled Salmon

The Jerk Salmon over confetti rice(peppers, onions and bits of mango) was SPECTACULAR!!!

Dougiemac 6 months ago

LA. BBQ Shrimp

The Louisiana style BBQ Shrimp did not disappoint! The shrimp were tender yet firm, perfectly cooked with the tails on. However what makes this plate explode is the incredibly seasoned compound butter sauce that it is cooked in. The flavors will bring you back to your favorite Cajun restaurant in the French Quarter of New Orleans! The seasoned compound butter is so good, we asked for extra grilled baguettes to "sop" up that yummy goodness! Life is too short to not indulge yourself and try this amazing dish!

Tmink 6 months ago

Shrimp Po Boy

Great sub!!!

Rc 6 months ago

Shrimp Po Boy

Huge and loaded with fries. Too loaded to eat as a sandwich and difficult to eat with a fork and knife. It needs to be downsized to be a manageable sandwich. A lot of shrimp, tasty but a bit over fried. Also had Shrimp and grits...amazing take on this dish. Awesome gravy, very tasty grits. The Andouille sausage was a great variation on this southern fave. The clam chowder was a treat...great flavor, served steaming hot but lacked clams. The service was so-so. We were seated between lunch and dinner...around 4:15. It must have been shift change time so the lack of attentive service could be justified. Although healthy, I thought it was odd that none of the table had salt or pepper. We would certainly try this menu again.

Tomlinson 6 months ago

Lobster Boil

My go to dish! Simply amazing!

David 6 months ago

Grilled Salmon BLT

Wow, best tasting salmon sandwich, very moist and savory. We also had the lobster roll and what a nice version, lobster salad style with dill on a brioche style bun, yum!

Jenriedinger 6 months ago

Baked Lobster Mac & Cheese

We also had Lobster Tempura, Truffle Creamed Corn, and Clams Casino. Everything delicious, as usual. Love Reel!

Roswellravens 7 months ago

Chargrilled Marinated Flank Steak

Before I review my meal, let me begin with a former experience that my wife and I had at Reel Seafood. A little over a year ago, some friends of our raved about your restaurant and so we joined them for dinner on a Saturday night at your establishment. The issues began after we ordered our appetizers and main courses. Over the next hour and a half all we received were glasses of water and multiple excuses from various servers as to the status of our orders. Everything from the manager is cooking dinner tonight and can't come to see you(after we finally asked to speak with a manager after 1.5 hours) to the order will be right out (and then 15 minutes later to be told that the order was never even put in). Our initial server who took our order never came back to our table and we had to keep stopping various servers to ask for assistance. We asked for bread at the very least and were told that they didn't offer bread. Finally at close to an hour and fifteen minutes they brought me a bowl of clam chowder. While it was quite tasty, it was definitely not worth the inordinate amount of time we waited for the menu item. At an hour and a half, no additional food had been delivered, no manager had stopped by, no drinks offered and lastly, we were told that our food was still not close to being brought out. At this point, our friends and my wife and I left your restaurant and went across the street to Pure Taqueria. And in less than an hour and a half had a very good dinner, drinks and live music to add to our dining experience. The couple that had invited us to join them at your restaurant kept apologizing and explaining that they had never had an experience like this before at your establishment. However, we were so disappointed by your staff and the experience that we swore that we would never try Reel Seafood again... Now, we come to the present. Our best friends, my wife and I ate at Reel Seafood on Saturday night, 8/11/19. What brought us back to try you again was the Atlanta Dining Out Passbook. And we are so glad that we decided to try you again, last nights experience was a complete 180 degree turn around from last years dinner. Our server, Kinsey, was very attentive to our needs and never once did we have to ask for a water refill or anything else for that matter. I had the Char-grilled Marinated Flank Steak Dinner and every item on my plate was prepared perfectly, very flavorful and plated very nicely. In addition, my steak was very juicy, and a nice sized portion. My wife ordered the Pan Fried Trout, and our friends ordered the Pan Seared Scallops and the Seared Tuna - Everyone of us thoroughly enjoyed our dinners and the overall dining experience. You have won us over as future customers and we will definitely be returning to Reel Seafood. Mike and Natalie Raven...

Valued Customer 7 months ago

Sweet Chili Glazed Swordfish

Cooked to perfection! Juicy and tender swordfish. The sweet chili glaze paired perfectly with the creamy risotto. Will definitely be back for more!

David 7 months ago

Flash Fried Calamari

Bogo Tuesday Apps (Excludes lobster tail, Damn!) Don't miss out on delicious calamari, clams or shrimp The gumbo is killer My #1 Woodstock food stop for 3 years


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